It’s always difficult, knowing how to bring readers into a website.

Following a great deal of soul-searching, I’ve gone for Hello, although it sounds a bit flat without an exclamation mark. With an exclamation mark it just sounds desperate! See. Welcome is a bit doormat. Hi is wrong.

If you have got this far I’m delighted. This is the website of author and writer Lorraine Wilson, and this is where I’ll switch to the third person, if that’s OK.

She lives in Scotland and is using this as a hub for a small selection of past work, but primarily as a jumping-off point for her current book Facing Forwards. As different projects come online, they will be added to the menu.

It’s a work in progress, so if any page looks duff , she has obviously abandoned it to put the kettle on – then completely forgotten about it in the excitement of biscuits.


There are no telephone numbers (to prevent the descent into cold-calling hell), so please contact lwilsonwrites@gmail.com.